Samira Abnar PhD Candidate University of Amsterdam

I am Samira!

I am currently a PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam. I work with Jelle Zuidema with a great team at Cognition, Language and Computation (CLC) Lab. My field of research is on Machine Learning and Cognitive Science. I got into this field, because of two reasons:

  1. I am super curious to understand how our brain works and what intelligence really means;
  2. I feel passionate about building and developing smart tools and technologies to make our lives easier and happier.

At the moment, in the era of deep learning, I am very excited about working towards developing frameworks which can help detailed profiling of different kinds of neural network models, i.e., understand their learning dynamics and the factors that affect what they learn. More generally, I like to work in the areas of science where we connect the dots between different theories in different fields.

In my blog here, I will be writing about the small steps I am taking, with the help of my collaborators and colleagues, towards these goals.

Career and Education

I have got my bachelors and masters degree in Computer Science from University of Tehran. While I was a master student, I was also a part-time software developer at a company that provided interactive TV services. I am now, pursuing my PhD at University of Amsterdam. I have done two internships at Google, once in summer 2018 at Google Research (natural language understanding team), and another time in summer 2020 at Google Brain.